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Adrian, we haven’t heard from you in a long time and we missed the hell outta ya bud.  Hope all is well with yas.  You have been the missing ingredient in several discussions here.


>…I've been reading the discussions here. and haven't much to say in most of them.


>…As to me, I've been working on some deals, getting CubeCab through a certain registration that took almost two years, and finishing up some science fiction writing I promised myself I'd get done by end of year.  (You might have heard of the Traveller role playing game.  I've writing up a trio of sectors to add to the setting's map.  Two have been published - see Datsatl & Thaku Fung at https://travellermap.com/?p=-102.467!212.853!4 <https://travellermap.com/?p=-102.467!212.853!4&options=58359> &options=58359 - and I just yesterday turned in the third for review - the one between them, that ties the two together and has some plot of its own.)





WOWsers we have another author in our ranks.  Cool good for you.  Glad to hear you are well.





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