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>…I’m not so sure Bill W suffers from that here, and I hope will provide some substantiation for his reckoning of trans folks being unhappy with their surgical outcomes…


Sure but none of what I was talking about to start with required surgery of any kind.  Any of the genders can be any other gender at will.  Surgery is expensive and painful.


>…I was responding to Bill W’s statement from earlier today:


>…“side note on gender - the sad facts are that people who go for the full operation to another sex are rarely happy with it.“


>…He’s definitely referring to surgery there…



OK cool thanks for that clarification.


I disqualify myself on even commenting on what you really meant: I know too little about it.


I am amused at our society’s current trend, to try to accommodate everyone.  But logical contradictions result.  An example would be the notion that we should tolerate every religion.  But some religions are specifically intolerant of some other religions.  Are they to be tolerated?  And some religions are intolerant of any religion except their own, and not even all of their own.


We want to tolerate everyone’s gender notions, but the result is that we are getting male track stars vaguely pretending to be trans in order to pick up medals and records.  But don’t worry, this will get worse very soon: the 2020 summer Olympics will be upon us.  


Regarding my own self-disqualification: my world didn’t have the kinds of questions modern society is facing.  I went to engineering school, and you already know what kind of people engineering students are (we do self-stereotyping on ourselves (and it works pretty well actually.))  Then I went into military engineering, then into deep black stuff and they just don’t have people in that setting with boat anchors thru the damn nose.  It just ain’t done.  It ain’t fittin’!  


When I was going thru annual security reviews, I had to worry they would find out about… you guys.   {8^D  Kidding bygones, I reported myself for hanging out here.  You hafta do that kind of thing: confess everything you have done.  If they find out something you didn’t put on your form, it is way worse than whatever you did.  So I always put everything on there.  My security guy mighta been a bit scandalized, but I never committed any actual crimes on ExI, that I know of.


The kinds of people I worked with, the kinds who were my friends, my lunch companions, all that, were people who agreed to all these conditions, told everything they ever did, then would get on a polygraph and prove it.  Squarest office you ever saw.  The current staff of the FBI would be unhappy there (too square.)  Eh, that was my world.  Isn’t now.  I would do it all again.  


We had a transgender guy in our office.  People accepted the notion: we don’t care what is a software type’s gender, only that the software is ready on schedule and works according to the spec.


To answer your question: no, there is no possible way I could control my orientation.  I don’t think I could ever change it, regardless of how much therapy or how many prayer meetins or what the heck I did.  (That being said, it is unclear if a prayer meetin where people were prayin for me to be healed from my heterosexual tendencies would still be spelled meetin (or would it require the missing g to be returned (and what deity exactly are we prayin to here (that sorta thing.))))



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