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> side note on gender - the sad facts are that people who go for the full
> operation to another sex are rarely happy with it.  They were
> psychologically messed up (new trendy term) before and after.  They did not
> need another sex. They needed therapy.  Which they got but did not work
> well for them.  The operation created a new identity of sorts which placed
> them in a group that has a lot more bias against them than the group there
> were in before.  So, additional problems.  And some will change back and be
> unhappy with that.
> So what's next?  Choosing your race?  Your species?

^Least transhumanist thing that has been said on the list in a while

(For real though, just because the tumblr trans groupthink is annoying
doesn't mean being trans is bad.  People can do whatever they want.  Yes,
it's more complicated than angry Internet people make it out to be.  Yes,
there is a snowflake culture.  Yes, there are some people who regret
surgery, because it is true that trans being 'in' in certain circles means
that some make the wrong choice due to peer pressure or a desire to be
accepted.  None of this invalidates transgenderism, which is an ancient
aspect of our culture.)

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