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doesn't mean being trans is bad.  People can do whatever they want.

### Let me riff off that a bit.

Being transgender may be not bad, in the sense of not being as
intrinsically wrong as is torturing dogs for fun. But from a social
standpoint it is a form of behavioral disability, and thus not desirable. A
point of view that values the survival and success of a society is
necessarily strongly heteronormative because heterosexual couples as much
better at creating stable, efficient and successful families, where success
is measures in the number and quality of their offspring. Evolutionary
fitness of trannies is severely impaired, especially in the modern world
that offers gonad-removal services. In this context the biological traits
that differentiate actual trans-sexuals from normal people are properly
seen as derangements rather than neutral or beneficial traits. The same
pertains to the memes and ideologies that create would-be trans-sexuals out
of mildly disturbed individuals

We libertarians live and let live. We would not censure a tranny for being
a tranny but we don't approve of them either.
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