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> Move to the Bay Area?  This place is already the Star Wars Bar when it
comes to diversity.  Others will already be comfortable with whatever you
want to be.

Surely you jest?  At those prices?


>...BillK, I will certainly admit life in the fast lane has is compromises.
It was a big step down in standard of living for my bride and me when we
came to the Bay in 1989.  Our living arrangements went from this:


to this:



The second link didn't come thru before.  Trying again:


I have been toying with an idea I wanted to bounce offa you.

Things are very different now than when I started engineering.  At Lockheeed
often a ranking engineer would have his desk, a drawing board, a flat file
(ja I know you went to google because you never saw one of those), a
typewriter desk, filing cabinets, a safe (for classified documents) a
cabinet for drafting tools, perhaps several other pieces of equipment modern
engineers couldn't even name and had never seen.

In my last assignment at that company, I inherited the office of Jerry
Wozniak, who retired a multimillionaire for reasons having little to do with
this job there but you likely already know by his name.  We got rid of most
of the outdated equipment in there and moved more guys in.  There were four
engineers in that office and we still had pleeeeennnty of room.  We even
kept Jerry's outdated filing cabinet just because it had his name on it.
Hell of a nice guy he was.  Never a bit crowded in that office with the four
engineers desks and some of Jerry's old stuff.

Reason: that list of stuff from Jerry Wozniak's era was all made obsolete by
Jerry's son's invention.

OK then, let's think it over and see if our housing needs were reduced by
technology.  I would argue that they are.  

Before I present my notions, I will offer a chance for you to think it over
and post ideas.


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