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>…This sounds like some really old timer saying his big band music is much better than the screeching of that Rock and/or Roll 'music.' :) 

>>…If the contrast isn’t stark enough, choose pretty much any

modern rap and go to the lyrics: oh mercy.  Hell yes that

rap crap is offensive to me.  We have a society falling

all over itself to offend no one, but has a huge blind

spot when rap.  

>…I think it's a matter of what people are used to. Like in my joke above, the average person growing up before you probably would find much of your young adulthood unlistenable. (One of my grandmothers was like that: anything more recent than the early 01960s was noise to her. She'd tolerate it, but all of us knew she didn't like it.)




Here’s one for ya Dan.  I was visiting my grandmother in 1984.  The discussion came to Rock n Roll.  She was adamant about that: when the British came in, music went out, nothing good has been on the radio since then, etc.  I suggested there was a few songs there she might like and got her to agree to listen to one song.


Eventually Stevie Wonder came on with I Just Called to Say I Love You.  I had her sit and listen.  Afterwards, she agreed it was a nice song with nice lyrics.  She didn’t like that guy singing it however.  She suggested that if they were to get Pat Boone to cover it, then it had a lot of potential.


Now that comment rattles around in my brain.  If we were to Pat-Boone-ize the rap and hip hop, perhaps at least some of it can be redeemed.  It is a bit difficult to imagine those lyrics in Pat’s croony swoony style however.  Perhaps those particular genres just don’t translate well into croony swoony.


Side note: Pat Boone put out a “heavy metal” album.  I thought it was a joke, until I looked it up recently and played some of the songs on it.  His versions were a huge improvement on the originals in every case, very melodic and easily understood lyrics, but one sticks in my mind.  Pat covered Alice Cooper’s No More Mister Nice Guy, which was really kind of a musical joke in 1973: we were to imagine Cooper helping little old ladies and such.  OK now take those lyrics and Pat-Boone-ize them, and it again becomes a musical gag from the opposite point of view: try to imagine Boone going to church incognito and Reverend Smith punching him in the nose.






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