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Sun Dec 15 01:09:52 UTC 2019

On Sun, 15 Dec 2019 at 00:33, Keith Henson via extropy-chat
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> That's not what the contemporary probate records show.  Over that
> time, the well off genetically displaced the poor.  See the section on
> "downward social mobility.".  True, the poor had children, but they
> died in droves in the frequent famines.  I probably can't get you to
> read "genetically capitalist". but if you are not going to read it,
> should you be making unjustified comments?
> Clark makes the case that it was genetics, particularly such traits as
> being willing to wait for a reward and whatever human genes are behind
> literacy and numeracy.
> The selection was as intense as that applied to the tame Russian foxes.

As you well know, Clark's claims have been much criticised.
He is not a geneticist, he is an economist. He has no genetic evidence
at all for his claims.


Doubtless the rich enjoy being told that they deserve to be rich due
to superior genetics and the poor deserve to live in poverty.


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