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> Someone in an earlier post, said that he was their favorite philosopher.
> I see in a recent Aeon article that he thinks consciousness is an illusion
> and is a dualist.
> I would love to see the day when metaphysical explanations are entirely in
> the past, but probably won't.
> So - it's an illusion.  Does that mean that I think I am seeing typed
> words on my laptop screen but actually I am not?
> In the same article it seems that the terms 'sensation and perception' are
> no longer used, in favor of 'access consciousness' and 'phenomenal
> consciousness'.  How are these terms any improvement other than to get
> further away from the common person's understanding?  ("Have to be esoteric
> or people will think we are full of shit."  which possibly they are)

Chalmers does not believe consciousness is an illusion. I went to a talk he
gave where he discussed this as a rather odd idea. He is a property
dualist, not a substance dualist, like Descartes. The idea that
consciousness is an illusion comes from physicalists like Daniel Dennett,
because they think the apparent dualistic aspect of consciousness is an

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