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>> My pet peeve is the move to change the term for a smart computer from AI
>> to AGI. Everybody knows what AI means but if somebody uses a unfamiliar
>> term like AGI you may think they're talking about Adjusted Gross Income and
>> become hopelessly confused and wonder what the hell that has to do with the
>> future of computing.
> *> You're still on about that?*

Yes because I can see no rational reason for changing AI to AGI, it won't
advance the field and it certainly won't bring more clarity to any
discussion about smart computers, all it will do is impress the rubes with
a fancy new acronym.

 > *Even if you aren't familiar with an acronym,  you can educate yourself
> on the meaning*

Sure I can educate myself with all the pompous acronyms that have recently
become fashionable as names for things that have been well known for
decades or centuries, but the time I spend in doing that is time not spent
educating myself about more important things, stuff that matters in the
real world.

> * >I've often wondered why you dig your heels in there and not in so many
> other language developments in other domains. *shrug* y'know?*

I don't much care if teenagers invent new slang to describe a recent
tubular (is that word still in fashion?) reality show, but I expect more
from computer scientists.

John K Clark
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