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*> My prediction is that very soon after experimentalists start doing
> observation of the physics in the brain in a non-qualia blind way, *

The experimentalists would have no choice in the matter, they'd have to
observe in a non-qualia blind way. The only way they'd know if they'd
produced a subjective sensation of redness is to listen to the noises made
by the subject's mouth, and that would be a very poor way to know things
because there is no evidence qualia is required to produce noise.

*> they will discover which of all their descriptions of physics are a
> description of redness. *

I would bet money no new fundamental physics will be required to explain
how and when the brain sends signals to the muscles of the mouth that
causes it to make a sound like "I am experiencing red". But I would also
bet money that very soon they will NOT even be able to even prove that the
experimental subject is subjectively experiencing the qualia red much less
determine which law of physics produced it.

 John K Clark
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