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> In our era of heightened awareness, we are already scrutinizing the Dean
> Martin classic Baby It’s Cold Out There, which durn well does sound like
> some sleazeball has given his guest a date rape drug, which takes effect
> during the song, and that he or she has nefarious plans for him or her.
Not sure about date rape (as opposed to mere alcohol), but yeah, the lyrics
as is would have a more difficult time finding acceptance in modern culture.

But that next part, oh my goodness: We won’t go until we get some.  Some.
> Get some.  They won’t go until they get some… what?  From the context, we
> might presume they want “some” of that suspicious-sounding “figgy pudding”
> but at this utterance, I might be resorting to faking a seizure and having
> the ambulance rescue me from these “figgy pudding” demanders.

As always with these things, one must consider the context - which in this
case was England, some centuries ago.  "Figgy pudding" was a common dish,
and the carolers' demands were basically the poor asking for alms in a
season when their needs were traditionally given more weight than in the
rest of the year.
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