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"Pudding" is a generic English term for "dessert food".


"Figgy" is an adjective - like unto or containing figs.




>…The current literary vogue of "death of the author" nothwithstanding, a lot of works become much more comprehensible when read in their original context…





This worries me Darin.  How are we to prevent the context of our current songs from being lost?  How shall we explain to future generations that Feliz Navidad” was actually a desperate attempt on the part of unwanted figgy-devouring guests to escape the death-dealing mandibles of Cujo the rabid dish-licking dog?


I’ll tell you the real problem: people accept everything they see on the internet.  They read how people present themselves on the “Face Book” and accept it as is, resulting in their being burdened with figgy-demanding interlopers.


Darin I am just doing my part to warn the unwary.













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