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*> I’m on William’s side with this one, and so glad William is calling John
> out on this.  The fact that John is conflating an elemental redness quale
> with a very different memory of red*

Huh?! I specifically said "they're different sensations" and I said I could
tell the difference between them, it was Bill not me who said he could
"see" memories like red; and if that's true I wondered when he "sees"
something how he avoided confusion. When Bill "sees" red how does he know
if he is viewing red with his eyes right now or remembering red that he
viewed last year? Is Bill lost in time like Billy Pilgrim in Kurt
Vonnegut's novel Slaughterhouse-Five?

> > *shows he doesn’t yet fully understand what an elemental redness quale
> is, and how this must be physically very different then the memory of such.*

Oh for heaven's sake!  Brent, it's not as if we're talking about something
very deep here, is there anyone on the surface of the planet so obtuse that
he doesn't understand the difference between objective electromagnetic
waves with a wavelength of 680 nanometers and the subjective quale red? I'm
no genius but I'm smart enough to know that, and I have the ability to tell
the difference between a vision and a memory too as does everybody else
this side of a looney bin.

 John K Clark

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