[ExI] Catalog of missing stars

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sat Dec 21 00:53:40 UTC 2019

VASCO, the Vanishing and Appearing Sources over a Century of  
Observation project is an astronomical study that conducted by Beatriz  
Villaroel et. al. Its purpose was to compare USNO star surveys from  
the 1950s to modern star surveys like GAIA to look for stars that have  
appeared or disappeared over the last century. After screening over  
150,000 possible candidates for artifacts or errors, the survey has  
found approximately 100 confirmed stars (existing in two or more  
photographs from last century) that have mysteriously vanished from  
the sky this century.



So what's going on here: alien megastructures? glitch in the  
simulation? magic?

Stuart LaForge

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