[ExI] The Thirty Meter Telescope is now officially dead

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> there have been 3 responses and all of them criticized me for being too
> logical and all of them empathised with the ignorant anti-science mob, not
> one of them empathised with the astronomers who not only could no longer do
> their work of finding out more about the universe but actually feared for
> their lives.

Think of the responses instead as pragmatic.

It is desired to get these telescopes in place.

However, that can't happen without dealing with local politics.  Ignoring
them and attempting to order construction has been attempted, and failed.
That this approach should not have failed is not worth further discussion:
it did fail, and would fail again if attempted again.  That is the
situation that must be dealt with.

Given that this must be dealt with, it would be more useful to contemplate
ways of dealing with it and getting the telescope built.

(Or finding alternatives to building the telescope there.  I suggest in
orbit or on the Moon - as difficult as that is, it may be simpler than
dealing with those politics, would give a better result, and might even be

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