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> *Pure logic does not get the majority of people to change their opinion,
> personal emotional appeals do that.*

I know perfectly well that logic is a very weak tool to use in politics and
emotions rule the day, but I also know that I'm just not very good at
emotional appeals, so I do what I can.

* > the emotions at play are a HUGE part of anti-science sentiment. The
> other factor is ignorance.*

I agree, and recent events have made me see more clearly how strongly our
culture has moved in the anti-science/pro-ignorance direction, the tendency
even shows up on the Extropian List which you'd expect to be fiercely
pro-science/anti-ignorance, and at one time it certainly was but no more.
Since my last post on this subject there have been 3 responses and all of
them criticized me for being too logical and all of them empathised with
the ignorant anti-science mob, not one of them empathised with the
astronomers who not only could no longer do their work of finding out more
about the universe but actually feared for their lives.

This epidemic of worshiping ignorance is getting downright scary, I saw a
clip from Fox News a few days ago where they were interviewing a strong
rank and file Trump suporter and asked her "Do you think the impeachment
will hurt Trump in the election?". The woman, wearing a MAGA hat and a
Trump button, replied "Yes but only among those who care about facts".
Neither the woman or the reporter who asked the question seemed to think
she had said anything unusual, and the fact is in this day and age she
hadn't said anything unusual at all, and that's what's so depressing. The
fact that a contrary attitude can no longer be found even on the Extropian
List is rather melancholy and reduces my hope for the future.

> *> You are doing nothing but boring us *

I'm either more honest than you or I understand emotions better than you.
Nobody writes long irate posts about something that bores them, they write
long irate posts about something that angers them. The Hawaiian protestors
don't bore me, if they did I wouldn't take the time to write about them,
they anger me. And my posts anger you.

> *> You, also, are being overly emotional.*

If so then what are you complaining about? You should be pleased that I'm
taking you're suggestion and throwing logic and knowledge out the window
and just emoteing.

*> Why should the Hawaiian protesters allow anything if they feel the
> person (people / system) doing it to them is not respecting them?*

There are not always "good people on both sides" and it is my policy not to
respect people or mobs that behave in a disreputable manner, I believe it
is a logical policy that I intend to continue.

> *> I wouldn’t allow a doctor to study me or a teacher to tutor me if they
> disrespected me. *

I would if I realized I didn't deserve the teacher's respect, but stupid
people usually don't know they're stupid.

 John K Clark
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