[ExI] The Thirty Meter Telescope is now officially dead

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> It's hopeless, tribal politics and the anti-science movement is simply too
> strong, it's over they've won and that telescope will never be built.

This is only true if one refuses to engage in the politics.

It's like trying to make a car run without fuel, and refusing to actually
think about what's needed to provide fuel.

> > *Or finding alternatives to building the telescope there.  I suggest in
>> orbit or on the Moon*
> Forget it! That would increase the cost by a factor of a hundred, so
> nothing even remotely like that is ever going to happen in the Trump
> administration which  cut the budget of The National Science Foundation by
> 12% and is trying to get it to kill it's funding of the many large
> observatories it operates.

There are ways to do it cheaper - and one of the very few areas of science
that Trump has been shown to embrace is all things space.  Even if it were
to cost more, it might still be possible to get a budget by exploiting
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