[ExI] The Thirty Meter Telescope is now officially dead

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> * > the emotions at play are a HUGE part of anti-science sentiment. The
>> other factor is ignorance.*
> I agree, and recent events have made me see more clearly how strongly our
> culture has moved in the anti-science/pro-ignorance direction, the tendency
> even shows up on the Extropian List which you'd expect to be fiercely
> pro-science/anti-ignorance, and at one time it certainly was but no more.
> Since my last post on this subject there have been 3 responses and all of
> them criticized me for being too logical and all of them empathised with
> the ignorant anti-science mob, not one of them empathised with the
> astronomers who not only could no longer do their work of finding out more
> about the universe but actually feared for their lives.

Ummm, no, we're saying that if you ignore the emotions of the people who
OWN THE LAND of course your project will fail.  I think the telescope
should be built. I think people freaking out over invisible sky beings is

I am not, however, in control of that mountain.    It's basic politics.

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