[ExI] The Thirty Meter Telescope is now officially dead

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>> I don’t understand why you are completely unwilling to take people’s
>> feelings into account. Failing to do that is a major component of the
>> resistance to science. Pure logic does not get the majority of people to
>> change their opinion, personal emotional appeals do that.
>> The failure of yourself and people like you to understand the emotions at
>> play are a HUGE part of anti-science sentiment.
> ### I sure understand their emotions and I despise those emotions too.
> There is no reason why understanding evil should lead to acceptance of
> evil, should it?

Merely opposing evil will not get evil people to stop their ways.  If there
are enough of them with enough power, then in order to accomplish good, one
must plan for how to convert them to good.  Understanding their evil is
necessary to get them to convert.

In other words, mere blind opposition of opposing views will not work in
some cases.  This is one of them.
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