[ExI] The Thirty Meter Telescope is now officially dead

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>> > Talking about politics as an idea or a strategy isn’t the problem. For example, there are politics of the Boeing v. SpaceX bit. Discussing that is fine, within reason, I think. But “big P” politics, as you put it, is boring
> So you think talking about trivialities is OK but not anything big and important or heaven forbid, controversial. Sounds familiar, spoilt teenage children sometimes don't want to study math or science

Space X and Boeing going to space are trivial, glad to know where you stand.

As far as 30m telescope, right now it’s dead in the water. But so was Dakota Access Pipeline, and look where we are now. There are other possible sites for this telescope for the telescope in the northern hemisphere as well, which you have also mentioned. 

Not all is lost. Just delayed. It’s lamentable. The telescope could probably be finished by now. But just because it isn’t being built right now doesn’t mean it never will be. 

Probably like the pipeline, they just have to wait for interest to die down. 

>  And I never called it "big P politics".
> The P word

I don’t understand how saying “those barbarians!!!1!1!” for months, or “Trump!!!1!” for over a year are not trivial. We already get it and we already agree with you. You just keep getting upset because we won’t repeat you like a robot. 
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