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*> Talking about politics as an idea or a strategy isn’t the problem. For
> example, there are politics of the Boeing v. SpaceX bit. Discussing that is
> fine, within reason, I think. But “big P” politics, as you put it, is
> boring*

So you think talking about trivialities is OK but not anything big and
important or heaven forbid, controversial. Sounds familiar, spoilt teenage
children sometimes don't want to study math or science because they think
it is sooooo boring, and they will demand an apology from any of their
peers who dares to deviate from the party line, an apology for something
that needs no apology that will not be accepted even if made.

Astronaut Scott Kelly happened to say that Winston Churchill was "one of
the greatest leaders of modern times" which he certainly was, but truth is
no defence, Kelly was furiously attacked on Twitter because, never mind
saving his country from Nazi rule, Churchill supported British colonialism
in the first half of the 20th century as did virtually every other
Englishman at the time. Kelly apologised for having spoken the truth which
he should have known would do no good whatsoever because no matter how
groveling the apology is the politically correct mob will always decree
that it just was't groveling enough and not accept it.

 And I never called it "big P politics".

 John K Clark
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