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*> Red” is a label we give to something that reflects or emits red light.
> It is elemental “redness” that we are talking about.*

I agree "red" is a label but the label *IS* the qualia and the number of
different types of labels you have available determines how many different
colors you can experience. If you only had 1 type you'd be completely
blind, if you had 2 types you'd see everything in black and white, or red
and white it makes no difference because your objective behavior would be
the same as would your subjective experience.

> *Redness is a label for a very different set of elemental physics than
> “red”.  *

There are many physical, chemical and electronic ways to make labels, but
if you're interest is qualia it's not important what particular process
wrote the labels, the important thing is how many different types of labels
there are.

John K Clark
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