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Yes, an important thing is “how many different types of labels there are.”

But if “The ‘red’ label IS the qualia”, which physical qualia, um, I mean,
which physical quality are we talking: glutamate or glycine?

Or are you just pointing out that you are still qualia blind (or just
saying quine[means ignore] qualia forever), and proud of it, after all they
are all functionally the same right?

Star Wars Spoiler alert:

Not that I think being proud of it is a bad thing.

At the end I think Ray shouldn’t have said she is “Ray Skywalker.”

She should have said I’m Ray Palpatine, and proud of it.

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> *> Red” is a label we give to something that reflects or emits red light.
>> It is elemental “redness” that we are talking about.*
> I agree "red" is a label but the label *IS* the qualia and the number of
> different types of labels you have available determines how many different
> colors you can experience. If you only had 1 type you'd be completely
> blind, if you had 2 types you'd see everything in black and white, or red
> and white it makes no difference because your objective behavior would be
> the same as would your subjective experience.
> > *Redness is a label for a very different set of elemental physics than
>> “red”.  *
> There are many physical, chemical and electronic ways to make labels, but
> if you're interest is qualia it's not important what particular process
> wrote the labels, the important thing is how many different types of labels
> there are.
> John K Clark
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