[ExI] Airbus ​will spot making the A380

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Subject: [ExI] Airbus ​will spot making the A380


>…A few decades ago Europe stopped making the world's fastest airliner and now Europe has stopped producing the world's largest airliner after making less than a quarter as many as they needed to produce a profit. It turned out people would rather fly non stop to their destination on smaller fuel efficient aircraft rather than first go to a hub airport on a huge jet and then change airplanes to a smaller jet. Who would have thought?


Airbus to Halt Production of A380 as Orders Dry Up <https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/14/business/airbus-a380.html?action=click&module=Latest&pgtype=Homepage> 


John K Clark




I woulda thought.  The A380 presents a cherry red target for terrorists.


That’s most of it but not all.  As soon as the Boeing 777 managed to get a ETOPS certification to cross the Pacific with two engines, it was clear enough that the 4 engine rigs could only decline.  Those enormous fans on the 777 make it inherently more efficient.  After 2004 I bought Boeing stock rather than Airbus stock for that reason: in the long run, Boeing was going to eat their lunch.



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