[ExI] teleportation, anyone?

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Now what?  That wasn't clear.  Maybe at that point there exists a mechanical womb that could 'process' the fertilized egg.  And robots to raise it, etc.  Or maybe we could send a couple of people there to do all of that, probably donating their lives to the job from radiation damage etc.  The idea of a DNA printer just floored me, as was the idea that a guy had created totally new life with 6 rather than four codes like we have now. 


Anyway, it was just full of ideas and I feel really good about our future of evolving ourselves.  They give lots of answer to the questions I have been trying to get answers to since I joined this group: what do we want to be next?  What improvements?


bill w


Ja we have definitely thought about sending humans to Mars to seed a race, but it only requires one, not two.  We send one with frozen embryos.  As the newly bankrupt Mars One effort pointed out, we would have plenty of qualified volunteers to become the Mother Of The Race.


It need not even be sacrificial exactly.  The MOTR can get far enough underground to deal with the radiation and even the low temperatures.  The trip would be one-way, as we have known for decades.  The challenge would be in figuring out how to grow food there, which is a really difficult technical problem.




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