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> *> The problem with creating life extension is that we need to alsocreate
> some method of supporting a large non-childbearing population.*

I think the problem with life extension is it doesn't yet exist. You're
implying that only the young can produce wealth (aka productivity) but the
facts don't support that claim; the average age of the population of the
USA has increased but so has the production of wealth. Take a look at this

Productivity Graph

>From 1973 to 2013 the productivity of the USA has increased by 151% but the
real wages have increased by only 19%. So where did all that new money go?
It didn't go to the rich or even to the very rich, it went to the ultra
super crazy rich. Forget  the top 1%  and even forget the top .1% because
although they did a lot better than average the wealth gains were not
you had to be in the top .01% to really make out like a bandit.

Richest of the rich

Advances in technology will continue to increase the productivity rate
but Trump's
recent changes in the tax laws ensures that more and more of that newly
generated wealth will go to a tiny minority. I think ultra rich people like
the Koch brothers who are spending lavishly to lobby for even more
legislation to accelerate the growth of the wealth gap are absolutely out
of their mind because sooner or later one way or the other that gap will
slam shut and if they keep going as they have they're going to get crushed
when it does.

John K Clark
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