[ExI] USA Census Projections and consequences

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Sun Feb 24 18:26:36 UTC 2019

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> *> Presidents don’t make tax law, congress does*.

Presidents do threaten and bribe congress to pass tax legislation they want
and presidents do sign them; and I can think of one very rich and very
stupid presadent that did both even though it's going to end up biting him
and his ultra mega rich friends in the ass.

> *> If you are interested in who is making all that crazy rich money, wait
> until someone somewhere makes a big breakthrough in AI, such that software
> can do most customer support tasks without the customers being aware they
> are speaking to software.  Then millions of support jobs that currently
> cost companies 6 to 8 bucks an hour can be supplied for pennies, and
> whoever develops that software will become the richest person on the planet
> by an order of magnitude.*

When that happens unless you want a bloody revolution you'd better have a
very elaborate safety net in place to catch all those millions of people
when they fall and lose their jobs because although they may end up
starving to death they will not die immediately and they will NOT go
peacefully. And by the way, it's only a matter of time, and not very much
time either, before the guy who invented that revolutionary new AI software
needs that safety net too because the AI can do his job better than he can.

 John K Clark
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