[ExI] USA Census Projections and consequences

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>> …  Then millions of support jobs that currently cost companies 6 to 8 bucks an hour can be supplied for pennies, and whoever develops that software will become the richest person on the planet by an order of magnitude.


….When that happens unless you want a bloody revolution you'd better have a very elaborate safety net in place to catch all those millions of people when they fall and lose their jobs because although they may end up starving to death they will not die immediately and they will NOT go peacefully…


What’s different about this one is that it wouldn’t be clear who the revolutionaries would slay.  The current rich aren’t the ones who are supplying this mysteriously efficient resource.  No one would know who has it.  They know some faceless company somewhere in the world seems to undercut the tech support contractors in price and offer a superior product, the companies hiring external tech support would know that their customers love working with software that understands the problems, can understand their quirky speech and can fix the problems.  But the revolutionaries (in the streets?  (why the streets?  (what streets?))) would not know who or what was to blame for their misery.  The enraged mob would be all torches and pitchforks, with no castle to storm.


All pitchforks and no castle: in a sense, we are already there.






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