[ExI] USA Census Projections and consequences

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Mon Feb 25 16:21:40 UTC 2019

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> >> ….When that happens unless you want a bloody revolution you'd better
>> have a very elaborate safety net in place to catch all those millions of
>> people when they fall and lose their jobs because although they may end up
>> starving to death they will not die immediately and they will NOT go
>> peacefully…
> *> What’s different about this one is that it wouldn’t be clear who the
> revolutionaries would slay. *

And that would make things even more dangerous, when people become angry
they start doing irrationally counterproductive things like voting for
Trump. And if you want to know why people are angry take a look at this
graph that was just published today in the New York Times, it won't take
you long to realize something is seriously wrong and if we don't make a 180
degree turn pretty damn quick we're headed for trouble:

The upper upper upper class

John K Clark

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