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On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 10:46 PM Dan TheBookMan <danust2012 at gmail.com>

> *> What I object to is coercion (both public and private) — as should be
> clear by now. That’s a radical libertarian view which both you and Spike
> seem immune to.*

I still take the radical libertarian view when it comes to freedom of the
press and most social issues (abortion, drugs, sexual stuff, euthanasia
etc) but when you try to extend that to money matters it leads to a very
unstable society that simply doesn't work. And advances in technology will
only make it worse. You can't live a libertarian life if all your neighbors
hate your guts, wants to kill you, and has the means to do so.

> *However, I was responding to the view that the US has an inefficient for
> lack of government involvement.*

I would maintain it is not a view it is a fact that there are 30
governments in countries all over the world that involve themselves more in
healthcare than the USA does and yet they pay less than half as much and
they live longer. I want to ask you a very important question, do you think
the scientific method is even more important than libertarian ideology? If
you don't then I'm wasting my time giving examples in support of my

> *> Or it seemed like that was the implication here. (I’m also guessing
> that in the run up to the 02020 election, you’re shilling for the view the
> Democrat candidate seems like to support. *

If the Democrats have any brains they certainly should support that idea
but in all honesty when I look at the only alternative I admit I intend to
vote for any functional adult that the Democrats care to nominate and will
do so with great enthusiasm.

> *> So, again my guess, is this is less about the healthcare system than
> defeating you know who.*

 Dearie me I can't imagine what gentleman you could be referring to.

> * > Again, the radical position here would be: abolish the presidency
> along with the rest of the state — and all states included not just here
> but across the globe*

For a long time I thought abolishing all government everywhere would be a
good idea too but then I came to the conclusion I was being silly. I still
think if we were starting from year zero when the human race first learned
to tame fire that would be the way to go but we are NOT starting from year
zero and, unless there is a total thermonuclear war, states around the
world are simply NOT going to be abolished before the 2020 election or even
much before the technological singularity so it's just silly to talk about
it as if it were an option.

John K Clark

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