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>>…Buffet conveniently legally evades taxes at a higher level with the way his insurance business is structured.  He has found a way to avoid taxes there for years, and is a hypocrite.


>…Buffett  gives away many bucks to charities and that he and Bill Gates and some others have set up.  Maybe he figures that he has a better idea of what to do with his money than the feds do.  I don't know what he is supporting but I very likely agree with him.  bill w 



Sure, but the original statement contains a self-contradiction.  Tax evasion is illegal by definition.  If it is legal use of tax law, one is exercising tax reduction.  Tax reduction is what you do when you visit the local CPA, fair game, highly advisable.  Tax evasion is what you do if you are cheating on your taxes, and the IRS will soon come calling.  


Two different (and legally opposite) things, similar outcome.



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