[ExI] intelligence and generalization

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Mon Jan 14 03:32:03 UTC 2019

Adrian Tymes wrote:

>> Bill Wallace wrote:

>>> How do we teach creativity to an AI when we don't even know what
>>> it is or how to measure it?  This is a big challenge.
>> Perhaps we would be better off not teaching AI how to be creative at
>> least not for a long time. Perhaps humanity's ability to create and
>> innovate will be our saving grace. In the not too far off future when
>> all productive work is being done by machines, perhaps art will be our
>> refuge, invention our niche, and beauty our forte. I see no reason to
>> rush our eventual obsolescence. Oblivion isn't going anywhere.
> Or perhaps go ahead and teach them, and focus some AI on the problem
> of uploading consciousness.
> "If you can't beat them, join them."

But to give them imagination is to enable them to lie. How could you trust
one to upload you rather than simply kill you and impersonate you in order
to take over your possessions and legal status?

Stuart LaForge

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