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Exi friends, 


I have been invited to give Ted talk, and I might take them up on it.  I have hung with you for well over 20 years and always read the chatter even if I don’t participate as much as I once did.  My ideas and attitudes have been greatly influenced by ExI.  Naturally my Ted would be greatly influenced by that association.


I will not speak on my real area of expertise (satellite controls) because that wouldn’t be of general interest to the people who invited me.  They want to hear about a more recent interest of mine: education.


So… I might give a talk on the future of education.


Please, your perspectives, ideas, suggestions for focus, anything you want to offer.  I have time: the outline wouldn’t need to be ready for several weeks and the pitch itself would happen in May.  I am thinking of a techno-optimist view of the near term easily-foreseeable future.  My notion is to talk about our local public school’s embracing highly diversified curriculum: what if we do and what if we do not?


Help me Exi-wan Kenobi!








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