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>…Using yourself and your son as an example:  how much did it help him to have you there?


Hard to say.  I am still pondering that.


'They' was used as a singular by Shakespeare…


Ah Shakespeare, I have heard of them.  I think they…like… wrote stuff, a long time ago.


Oy.  To me, plurality is more important than gender.


>…  I have always advocated using 'he/she/it', not to be said fast.


No Bill, ain’t going there.  It’s just as clumsy and requires the / key, which isn’t used much and slows a prole when they is trying to type a message.


>…One more thing:  are you going to pitch educational changes as the best for the best, the average, the lowest, or for everyone?


Don’t yet know.  That’s why I am asking youse for advice.  Notice how you is ambiguous plurality, but English dialects have tried to patch it, as if it is a mistake.  How many examples can we think of?  You guys, youse, youse guys, y’all (which ironically became ambiguous plurality over time, being borrowed down from specific plural rather than borrowed up from singular (the specific plural is “all yall” (oy freaking vey.)))  How many more?


?  Ideally, all of the above, but perhaps not the same changes for each.

If you create tracks, how many?  Same schools or separate schools (a lot of flak if you have slow schools)?


I don’t know.  I am an engineer, not an educator.  But… Sal Khan wasn’t an educator either, he was a stock fund manager.  He brought a fresh perspective to the biz.


>…Hats off to your son.  …  I doubt we are going to go back to the hat check.  bill w


Ja I never did get the whole hat thing.  It seems just wrong to me.



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