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Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 23:49:57 UTC 2019

Borrowing from MMORPG: raiding party for scholastic projects.
Also online gaming: realtime "mtachmaking" for contest style matches
(rather than spike's usual goto for the term)

Both are examples of ad-hoc dynamic groups to create and/or solve

My cohort need not be neighborhood children within +/- half-a-year of age.
Spike's kid tested at +5 grades, but that isn't feasible with today's
physical schooling requirements.   Online though, nobody is limited by
geography, age, or gender.  Why aren't we learning how to best embrace this

I don't complain that my boss at work is younger than me.   His strengths
are different from mine and I don't want to become what he is to my
employer.   We have a great relationship.   I mentor both new hires and
journeyman programmers.   Why isn't our education system fostering this
habit from grade one?

As we move into an AI-mediated world,  our ability to organize work in
emergent on-demand concerts will determine employability- even as
employment is measured in participation in the collective attention to the
development of an idea.

I would love to see someone further this concept to both corroborate my own
thinking and to bring us closer to realizing a potential I haven't yet
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