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Thu Jul 11 18:34:11 UTC 2019

According to the most impeccable source I can find, Uncle John's Bathroom
Reader #7, politically correct people had some objections to:
(ads in real estate)
1 - executive  - nope - suggests white person
2 - walk-in closet -  some people can't walk
3 - great view - some people can't see (also abandon ads people can read?
Some people can't read. No TV ads?)
4 - master bedroom - suggests slavery (kinky people did not protest)
5 - quiet neighborhood -suggests no children - may offend the deaf
6 - sports enthusiasts - offends the disabled

Sure will cut down on their ads if no view nor no print can be used - .

More pc trouble:

Burger King pulled an ad because it showed someone teaching a kid to
memorize, which would offend people who have trouble memorizing.

Aetna pulled an ad featuring a wicked witch with green skin and warts -
problem?  offended prowitch group - called stereotyping

Black Flag pull an ad for insecticide after a veteran's group complained
that they were playing taps for bugs

Coca Cola pulled one in which construction workers stripped off their
shirts so some women could watch - reverse sexism

Who said it couldn't get any weirder?

bill w
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