[ExI] I see pitchforks.

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>…  just when were pitchforks employed?  …bill w  


Sounds like a question for Quora.... My guess is peasants mostly didn’t have access to regular weapons or the training to use them, so using farm implements like pitchforks was the usual prop for a revolt. (I’m guessing this partly on reading about the history of Okinawa. That might be a fanciful history though. Not much of a scholar on this.) 






Then we suddenly realize we are overlooking the obvious.  A continuous proletariat revolt began long since and has been ongoing.  Two recent examples: Nipsey Hussle and Slim 400, both in Los Angeles.  In both cases, their lyrics contained information about their wealth:


…Worth a couple a million, that's a fact…


Nipsey Hussle lyrics.


Slim 400 opined thus about himself:



>…I ran to the block when they was trying to save me
My plan worked, I'm a million dollar baby…


Remarkably, Mr. 400 managed to survive being shot 10 times.


If we wish to interpret the murder of Mr. Hussle and attempted murder of Mr. 400 as proletariat revolt, it is clear that pistols are the weapon of choice rather than pitchforks.  However, it is clear in these two cases that bitter resentment of wealth might have played a role.



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