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>…Whatever you can say, for or against Rogers, you cannot say that his system does not work, because no one has ever tried it, to my knowledge.  Parents who did found out that their kids were turning into little hellions who needed something other than unconditional positive regard, and abandoned Rogers…


All the prescriptions for parenthood fail because all are oversimplifications.  There are people who are just born good.  Others, born bad.  One size does not fit all.  One size doesn’t even fit most.  I was one of the damn lucky ones: my only child seems to be one of the few inherently good people who has never caused me any trouble, never been a bother, every one of his teachers agrees.  


I know of people who turn toward evil at every opportunity.  Even the insightful Steven Pinker under-accounts for the differences in human nature.




>…Now Marxism, 'to each according to their needs - from each according to their abilities.'  Now to me, this sounds wonderful.  Just the kind of thing every society should aim for.  I cannot find any fault in it… bill w



Up to each to determine which is which.  The problem with Marxism is that it requires government intervention.  Create a version of Marxism that runs on its own with no government intervention, and you have it: a functional family.






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