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Tue Jun 11 19:41:54 UTC 2019

I am no student of it, and cannot claim any expertise at all, and
furthermore, I am quite sure that readers, will , as usual, correct my

Carl Rogers was a psychologist who preached nonviolence.  No punishment of
children.  Just let them be.  They will be fine.  Meet everything with
'unconditional positive regard'.  This should work because people are born
good and will develop into fine citizens if we just let them.

Whatever you can say, for or against Rogers, you cannot say that his system
does not work, because no one has ever tried it, to my knowledge.  Parents
who did found out that their kids were turning into little hellions who
needed something other than unconditional positive regard, and abandoned

Now Marxism, 'to each according to their needs - from each according to
their abilities.'  Now to me, this sounds wonderful.  Just the kind of
thing every society should aim for.  I cannot find any fault in it.

Re-reading The Blank Slate, a section about how genetics like sociobiology
was attacked viciously in the ivy league, I have to wonder why any
professor, no matter how warped, could adopt Marxism.

It is plain that every country that tried to be Marxist, or at least some
variety of of it, has been a total economic failure.  I think China is
pretty far from Marxism, though of course they do not use the word

So the only thing I can think of to avoid serious criticism of air-brained
Marxists professors, is that true Marxism has never been tried; thus it has
not failed.


bill w
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