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>>...Alternative, go with a  
> four-actuator Howdy with only jaw, eyes in two axes and eyebrows,  
> shoot for a two hundred guinea dummy.

>...Do we want a two foot dummy in a full-sized wheelchair for comic effect?

Well, ja, not for comic effect really but to emphasize this device is a toy, not a fake human companion.

There are small wheelchairs, or for that matter, just use a wheeled child's toy for mobility.  The thing shouldn't weigh much or cost much.

>...Ja. I even have some potentially useful parts from a failed drone  
start-up like lithium batteries and what not. Count me in. :-)

Stuart LaForge


Rechargeable power source, ja good point thanks.  I had forgotten that part, dang.  If we don't get carried away with the actuators, it shouldn't take much power.

If we keep going with this whole concept, we get down to where I think it really eventually goes: immersive reality goggles.  That approach standardizes a lotta lotta, and converts the exercise to mostly a software task.  As an intermediate step, we could use a standard LCD with eye motion or head motion detection, to make it respond to the attention of the user.

I have a wide-screen display which might be good for something like that.  These things aren't even very expensive anymore.  We might be able to adapt Second Life for this purpose somehow.


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