[ExI] Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back

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Tue Jun 18 01:29:01 UTC 2019

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> Looking at it from the POV of a controls guy, pushing or hitting the biped
> bot with a hockey stick isn’t so much an assault as it is a random input,
> which requires a compensation loop.

And here I was just recently writing science fiction about that POV, for an
automated spaceship.

>From http://wiki.travellerrpg.com/Average_Cargo_Ship_class_Cargo_Ship :

> Out of a stated desire to have there be something truly innocent in the
universe, the software's designers intentionally made it unable to
understand that one ship can deliberately attack another, so far as the
sub-sophont-grade AI can be said to understand anything.  Crews who have
escorted an Average Cargo Ship through pirate encounters sometimes joke
about the resulting barrage of navigation hazard alerts (every individual
missile, laser shot, and once the pirate ships have been destroyed, shard
of debris), and the Average Cargo Ship's insistent labeling of hostiles as
"incompetent crew".  The AI does at least forgive its escorts for the
"hazards" they create, with a hardcoded rationalization that they were just
reacting to the much bigger hazard of another crew so incompetent that they
were about to destroy other ships by accident.
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