[ExI] Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back

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Looking at it from the POV of a controls guy, pushing or hitting the biped bot with a hockey stick isn’t so much an assault as it is a random input, which requires a compensation loop.


And here I was just recently writing science fiction about that POV, for an automated spaceship.


>From http://wiki.travellerrpg.com/Average_Cargo_Ship_class_Cargo_Ship :

> Out of a stated desire to have there be something truly innocent in the universe, the software's designers intentionally made it unable to understand that one ship can deliberately attack another…



Adrian your comment reminded me of my uncle’s St. Bernard.  That dog was an example of a creature who could not comprehend the concept of a bad human.  To him, all humans are good things, they are lovable little creatures to be protected and rescued.  They were bred to go find hikers and skiers lost in the snow.  If a stranger came up to that dog, he would be delighted.  If you would lay on the ground anywhere where that dog could get to you, his instinct would kick in, he would come right up and snuggle up next to you, trying to keep you warm, even if it was sweltering.  Perfectly useless as a watchdog, even though he was huge.  If he saw two people fighting, he had no idea what was going on.  He would likely wait until one or the other combatants fell to the ground, then he would go and snuggle next to the fallen little creature he was bred to rescue.


Silly beast.  Truly innocent creature he was.




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