[ExI] Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back

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>…The risk of that scenario increases steadily… spike



The robot fights back video wasn’t intended as a hoax and had plenty of indications it was a parody of the original Boston Dynamics video, such as the logo “Bosstown Dynamics.”  We all recall seeing the original where they were hassling the robot and wishing he (…he… the robot, he) would open a much-deserved can of whoop-ass on his tormenters.


Those guys who did Bosstown were skilled enough animators they could have made it very convincing and hidden the parody nature of the video.  They would have made it big, particularly in that scene where the robot gets the gun and marches the cruel bastards out the door.  We would get it: if we make humanoid robots, then make them angry, they can pick up our guns and use them on us.


In some ways, that would have been a better public service, because it death sells.  The advertising world knows the basic principles well: comedy is fun, but sex sells, and death sells even better.


What we really need is a very threatening hoax video to educate the public on how good video animation has become.







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