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>…I wish all states had laws and regulations for health and safety like California.  I read a book by Edna Ferber about a caravan to Calif.  Ended up in Yerba Buena (good grass - maybe they deserve the name back) - San Francisco.  bill w




On the contrary BillW.  California’s Prop 65 is written in such a way as to nullify legitimate warnings on materials which can cause cancer or reproductive harm.  In the old days, consumers could be fairly warned of such things.  But since Prop 65, the law is written so broadly, any building or any product which contains any one of a long list of materials must have a Prop 65 warning.  Result: all buildings, including doghouses, have Prop 65 warnings.  This covers for those buildings which actually contain actual carcinogenic materials.


For a while, there was a halfhearted effort on the part of some manufacturers to qualify for non-65 carrier, but even one lawsuit by the thriving lawsuit industry nullifies the effort.  It is much cheaper to just slap the label on there, particularly since it doesn’t actually mean anything.  Now even bottled water can cause cancer or reproductive harm:




We were warned.


Perhaps we need legislation that requires a second label that goes on top of the universal Prop 65 cancer warning, which says something like “No really, this really does cause cancer.”  Then it would go only on those materials or products which really does cause cancer and reproductive harm.  Then we can go round two, suing those manufacturers which caused cancer and had only the first warning but not the second one, so the hapless victim had no way of knowing, with only the universal Prop 65 warning, of the risk.












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I was looking at washing machines today.  I found out that this machine inside California causes cancer and reproductive harm.  But if you take it outside California, apparently it is safe out there.


That’s it, I’m moving.





Configuration and Overview

*	ADA Compliant


*	CEE Tier

Not Rated

*	Prop 65

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -  <https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/> www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


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