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>> Did that 4.5 billion dollars go away?  Where is it now?


>…As far as everyone except for the super ultra crazy rich is concerned all that effort in constructing that idiotic boat went to exactly the same place that a 4.5 billion dollar project to build pyramids would go… John K Clark



So all those people who built the boat received part of the 4.5 billion and those who supplied the gold and silver received part of the 4.5 billion, the government received part of the 4.5 billion.  Where did it go after they spent it?  The people who received that 4.5 billion wouldn’t care if it was a boat builder or a home builder who bought their stuff, just so long as someone bought it.  So they get a piece of that 4.5 billion as well.


John… the money didn’t disappear.  It changed hands.  Wealth was created when it changed hands (the boat.)  When crazy-rich people spend a pile of money, a bunch of people got jobs and got their cut of the 4.5 billion.


The government got their cut every time money changed hands.  Everyone won in that transaction, even you (because unemployment went down, which helps everybody.)  I have no heartburn with any of that.  That’s why there were no mobs of pitchfork people.  On the contrary, there were crowds of cheering people as they launched the boat.  Had I been there I woulda been one of them.


I still don’t see the problem here.  Can you explain it again please?







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