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*> Did that 4.5 billion dollars go away?  Where is it now?*

As far as everyone except for the super ultra crazy rich is concerned all
that effort in constructing that idiotic boat went to exactly the same
place that a 4.5 billion dollar project to build pyramids would go, the
same place spending 4.5 billion dollars to dig holes and then immediately
fill them up again went. The only difference is building pyramids or
digging holes would be better public relations than a insanely expensive
pleasure craft.

*> Today at Costco, I looked at TVs for the first time in a coupla years.
> I saw what a marvelous TV one can get for one week of minimum wage.  These
> are 50 inch diagonal, 4k resolution, they get 400 bucks for them.  With
> that and free internet, the proletariat will not revolt. *

A $400 4K TV is very nice but just one day in a hospital cost about $2,000,
not counting the cost of surgery or the use of an ambulance. When a child
dies because the parents didn't have $2611 for a MRI I imagine they might
be a tad upset when they hear about a 536 foot long yacht with 2 swimming
pools, 2 helicopter pads, a mini-submarine and a disco hall. It also has a
missile defence system and a bullet proof master bedroom,  that part at
least was wise, it will be needed.

> *> The job of the revolutionary leader is to make the masses
> uncomfortable.*

And the existence of a golden yacht is making the job of that revolutionary
leader much easier.

John K Clark

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