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>>…Sure, but of course the Egyptian pyramids were built by slaves 


>…No, the pyramids were NOT built by slaves. That’s a fiction that lives on. See, for example:




No doubt, the fiction will live, but doing my part to make it go away. ;)






Well dang, I was misinformed.  Thanks Dan!


The guys who built the long golden boat sure were not slaves either.  They were proud skilled craftsmen, doing what they do best, enjoying their work while earning a living, feeding their families, sending their children to college or trade schools so they too can lift the load, carrying on a proud tradition.


When they were finished, imagine how those craftsmen and boat builders felt.  That beautiful watercraft slid away from the dock.  They must have felt something like “I… helped… build… that…”


I have been there.  I worked as a roofer one summer in my misspent youth.  Whenever I am in my old home town I go by there, knowing I worked on that building.


Work does good things to a mind and a spirit.  Rich people buy silly luxury items which puts people to work.  They make the pitchforks that no one will ever carry into the streets in protest, because there are enough jobs.


I don’t see the problem here.




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