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>>…No, the pyramids were NOT built by slaves. That’s a fiction that lives on. See, for example:




No doubt, the fiction will live, but doing my part to make it go away. ;)







>…Well dang, I was misinformed.  Thanks Dan!...spike





Dan I read the article you cited.  Very interesting.  Cool I learn a new thing this day.


Think about the old timers back in the day when the pyramids were being started.  There were people all around doing the things that people did back in those days: getting food was a lot of it.  Mighta been making a few tools and things.  Now a new job is introduced carving and moving these huge rocks, figuring out ways to make that happen.  


Considering all the choices available, that woulda been a pretty cool job!  There is a lot of interesting engineering in what they did.  Afterwards, they could look at that huge pile of rocks and feel like their lives counted for something.  They really did, for the people living in Egypt today are likely descendants of the pyramid builders, and Egypt has certainly benefitted from those piles of rock still standing.


Given aaaaaallllll the cool stuff we have today, aaallll the cool interesting choices for careers for young people and all the opportunities for the older people, the whole scene we live in today…


CRIMONIES how the hell could anyone POSSIBLY BE PESSIMISTIC?  Look at all this cool stuff, EVERYWHERE around us, in our own homes, even those of us who don’t really have a lot of this old world’s wealth!  I do not understand what reasoning process goes to anything other than dancing like Snoopy the beagle at our wonderful good fortune.  I don’t understand the reasoning that leads to anything else besides Dynamic Optimism which is the DO in BEST DO IT SO, the principles which have shaped my adult life.


Friends, we have it made.  Now is good.  Tomorrow will be even better.



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