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OK, I struck out with that puzzle.  Here's one I ran across a long time ago, so you might have heard it.  If not, let me know.


Three sailors and one prostitute and two condoms.  All have different STDs.


bill w







One of the sailors is also the prostitute (side business.)  They first guy uses the first condom to do the second guy, pays him or her, third guy uses second condom to do the second guy, pays him or her, all three report for duty aboard ship the next day.


Alternate solution:  all three sailors are female and whore is male.  So the first sailor puts a condom on him, does him, pays him, second sailor puts second condom over first, does him, pays him, third sailor reverses outer condom which would have exposed her to the first sailor’s disease but she gets away uninfected because the whore can’t get it going a third time, so she doesn’t pay him and saves money at the same time.  The puzzle doesn’t actually require that all three sailors get laid.  Three is a tall order ja?  Even for a professional.




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Three possibly-cheating solutions:


1) They never met.  All 6 got their STDs from different sources.


2) Not all STDs transmit at 100%.  It is possible for two people with STDs to have sex and not give each other what they got.


3) "All" does not include the condoms.  Sailors 1 & 2 had STDs, used condoms, and did not transmit.  The prostitute and sailor 3 were disease-free when they had sex sans condom.  Sailor 3 then used a dirty needle or otherwise got a STD from a non-sexual source.  The prostitute's "D" is pregnancy, specifically sailor 3's child.


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