[ExI] Life extension - but what about Alzheimer's?

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 21:29:29 UTC 2019

I can vouch for metformin.  I begged my doctor for it after doing some
online research, and she finally gave it to me, though the use for me is an
'off the label' list - hard to get doctors to prescribe.  A few gut
reactions in some people, but overall, a very safe drug.

No drug company has any kind of patent on it, so you don't see ads for it,
but I think it's a very important drug, and the best one, maybe, for
diabetes 2.  Ought to be over the counter.

bill w

On Sat, Mar 9, 2019 at 3:03 PM Dylan Distasio <interzone at gmail.com> wrote:

> While I would always encourage everyone to stay mentally active, there are
> real biological mechanisms of aging you are up against in addition to
> specific pathologies with dementia/AD.
> There are two areas that are worth pursuing in the near term for those
> comfortable enough to self experiment to fight the march of time.  The
> preliminary evidence is there to point the way forward, but we are unlikely
> to have large scale trials to confirm in humans any time soon.
> The first area is mTOR inhibitors which in oversimplified terms are anti
> growth agents with a host of potentially positive effects on aging.  You
> can get some of these effects with relatively severe caloric restriction,
> but there are two pharmaceutical agents that target mTOR, are arguably
> safe, and available:  rapamycin (mTOR actually stands for mammalian target
> of rapamycin) and metformin.  There is a lot of interest in mTOR inhibitors
> as general longevity agents, but there is also accumulating evidence that
> AD is related to chronic cerebral vascularization issues and that rapamycin
> in particular may help maintain the integrity of the blood brain barrier
> and provide other positive AD preventative effects.
> The second area is senolytics which help with removing senescent (zombie)
> cells.  Unfortunately, the most effective combination currently available
> is hard to replicate on your own and consists of a chemotherapy agent,
> dasatinib, combined with quercetin (a supplement).  Fisetin is an
> available supplement with strong senolytic activity on its own but dosing
> to achieve this in humans is still a question mark.
> Anyways, I firmly believe a combination of these two approaches started
> early enough is going to end up demonstrating very strong antiaging / AD
> effects in humans based on the accumulating evidence in the literature.
> If anyone is interested in further discussion on either area, I can
> provide some references from the literature to get you started, but
> googling will also lead you down the same rabbit hole.
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>> >...The best "cure" for Alzheimer's is to stay mentally active, even into
>> one's elder years.  This is something that many people are unwilling to
>> contemplate - they want to just be idle and cared for.  But the body is
>> designed to be used; going totally idle for months or years (possibly even
>> weeks) means you're no longer contributing, and your body starts shutting
>> down.  Adrian
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>> I have suspected this for a long time.  If one has been bed sick for even
>> a
>> week, that has a very noticeable impact on muscle strength.  Muscles and
>> brains must be used to stay with the program.
>> I have the notion that if we can get good enough immersive reality
>> software
>> and virtual reality software, we can keep older peoples' minds active and
>> functional longer.
>> spike
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